About Alone

Anna and Sam Lindholm, desperate to protect their daughter Mary from unrelenting bullies, give up on mainstream society and follow their dream of becoming self-sufficient. They purchase a rundown remote homestead on Canada’s Wild West coast. Here they are challenged by a hostile environment, isolation and a series of heartbreaking tragedies. The sisters, Mary and Sara, struggle to survive a disastrous situation.

Karl Thorenson, the son of the homestead’s previous owner, makes dangerous choices in his pursuit of an adventurous lifestyle. His get rich schemes run him afoul of the mobsters. If he is to be successful in escaping their clutches, he needs money. Karl remembers how his tightfisted father distrusted banks. Karl comes looking for money that he believes to be buried somewhere on the old homestead.

The sisters’ and Karl’s worlds collide. Unforeseen circumstances, Mary’s sanity and Karl’s greed leads to a horrific conclusion. Devastating secrets must be hidden.


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