Workshop Presentations

Workshops offered:

1. Journey Into Self-Publishing Through my journey as a newbie into self-publishing, I take the participant through the various highs and lows, what to expect, mysteries of the various packages offered, explain terms and make suggestions as to how to manage the process.

2. Travel Light, Travel Tight, Travel Right A humorous look at traveling abroad. It is filled with suggestions on packing (light), security (tight) and being sensible (right) that are somewhat unusual but very useful.

3. Traveling Companions Often people wish to travel but have no one to go with. This workshop is for those who are anticipating traveling with a companion that they may not know very well. Friends can often fill this bill but…how well do you know this person…will you be able to get along for long periods of time? It is filled with practical solutions to problems that might arise.

4. Combination of workshops 2 and 3

5. Found MoneyРAn entertaining look at my method of finding money from various sources. Some of the suggestions are familiar but most are surprising. Found money is then spent on something you really want instead of what you need. Anyone can follow this method. I have used it for many years and have purchased things as cheap as a milkshake to as expensive as a kayak or a trip to South Africa.

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