Strength of an Eagle Synopsis and Excerpts

Strength of an Eagle- Synopsis: 

Determined to move on with her life after her husband’s fatal accident, 28-year-old Maya signs on as a private kayaking guide for wilderness touring company in Canada. Maya’s calm and helpful instructions delight their elite clients who have a passion for adventure and the outdoors. Connor, her boss, is interested in more than her kayaking skills. When Maya thwarts his advances, Connor becomes enraged and a struggle ensues. Maya trying to escape from his anger, falls off a cliff, and plunges thirty feet into the surging sea below. 

Three days after rescue crews declare an end to the search, she’s found by a drug cartel boss who takes her into his care. In exchange for his so-called kindness, she becomes the fishing camp’s chef and servant. To make sure she does not try to escape, Joe the camp owner, shackles her with an electronic dog collar. If she ventures out of its preset range, a paralyzing shock travels through her body and immobilizes her. Although this new life threatens her on a daily basis, Maya remains strong-willed and determined to overcome every obstacle that comes her way.

When she’s almost half-dead from exhaustion, the drugs administered to keep her quiet, and daily beatings to remind her of her submissiveness, Hunter, an undercover agent infiltrates the fishing camp. He is on a mission to capture the drug smugglers. Maya has been so abused that she does not trust anyone. So why would she confide in Hunter? He sets up a raid on the camp. In all the confusion Maya makes her getaway. A sick, frail, and abused Maya sets out once again to recapture her freedom only to fall prey to an even more sinister evil. As Hunter finally manages to find her on the side of the road, an the eagle circles. The torch is passed.


(1)Maya anxiously scanned the cliff’s rugged silhouette outlined against the sky. She thought she saw one, maybe two heads peering over, then nothing. She could not be sure. Carefully inching over towards a thicker mass of kelp, she bobbed in the wave action. Her clumsy, water sandals dragged at her feet, but she couldn’t risk kicking the Tevas off, as she might need them later. The kelp churned in the surf. Salty water splashed over her, stinging her eyes. Cold water numbed her hands and feet causing her breath to come in short, hard gasps. A band of hot searing pain wrapped itself around her temples.


(2)Everyone crossed over the deck and stood leaning over the railing. Hundreds of moon jellies were floating on the current past the boat. The transparent white globes undulated as they glided past, their internal organs glowing eerily as their mantles pulsed. A steady stream of the delicate creatures passed silently by, dancing to unheard music in the moonlight.


 (3)The kayakers slid into the silent fog and discovered it was eerie paddling on the ocean’s smooth, shrouded surface. A splash sounded from the left, giving everyone a start. Laughter erupted as a curious seal poked his head up to see what had disturbed his peaceful bay. Fog clung damply to the silent paddlers as they made their way cautiously into a narrow channel. 


(4)After Sarah had gone to sleep for the night, she and John locked the farmhouse door; crossed the yard and entered the shop. Switching on the fierce overhead lights, Barbara steeled herself for what she might see. True to his word, there was guts and blood everywhere. It was a testament to his depravity. The poor girl lay face down on the cold concrete floor. Her arms were bound behind her and a crude gag was held in place by electrical tape. John had taken his hunting knife and had carved his victim. Pools of sticky rust-coloured blood were everywhere.

“Christ John, what did you do?”



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