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About Strength of an Eagle:

In this taut wilderness thriller, we follow the perilious journey of Maya, a young sea kayaking guide, as she makes her way alone down the wild, west coast of British Columbia.

She must paddle to safety after being pushed off a cliff into the swirling ocean below. As she fights for her life, battling the elements, wildlife and the inhospitable coastline, she stumbles upon drugs hidden on a beach.

She is discovered by members of a drug cartel who are retrieving the smuggled cargo. Maya is taken to a fish camp where she is forced to cook, clean and serve her masters. Half-dead from exhaustion, drugs and beatings, Maya must remain strong. Depending upon her own skills and fortitude, she battles to regain her freedom.



About Half-Truths, Total Lies: 

In a small, rural, northern village, the detective assigned to investigate a young teacher’s death is frustrated by a lack of evidence and struggles to identify the murderer.

For a while, Robert believes he has gotten away with the crime, but his life begins to spiral out of control when his coveted head-teacher postion is challenged by three other teachers. He is desperate to keep the job that he sees as his symbol of success in this fundamentalist community. By delving into his rivals’ pasts, he discovers secrets that if revealed would end their careers. Terrified that they will be exposed, each teacher isolates themselves in misery and despair.

Riverside Elementary School becomes the unlikely venue for a twisted plot of murder, blackmail, terror and revenge.


   About Alone:


Anna and Sam Lindholm, desperate to protect their daughter Mary from unrelenting bullies, give
up on mainstream society and follow their dream of becoming self-sufficient. They purchase a
rundown remote homestead on Canada’s Wild West coast. Here they are challenged by a
hostile environment, isolation and a series of heartbreaking tragedies. The sisters, Mary and
Sara, struggle to survive a disastrous situation.
Karl Thorenson, the son of the homestead’s previous owner, makes dangerous choices in his
pursuit of an adventurous lifestyle. His get rich schemes run him afoul of mobsters. If he is
to be successful in escaping their clutches, he needs money. Karl remembers how his tightfisted
father distrusted banks. Karl comes looking for money that he believes to be buried
somewhere on the old homestead.
The sisters’ and Karl’s worlds collide. Unforeseen circumstances, Mary’s sanity and Karl’s greed
leads to a horrific conclusion. Devastating secrets must be hidden.












About Widow’s Luck

Widow’s Luck  

Behind her back they call her “The Black Widow”.

Daphne McNeil has been widowed four times in ten years. Each time, her husbands have left her considerable sums of money. She finds that she must use these inheritances to support her beloved charities. The money does not go far enough and with increasing financial pressures, she becomes desperate.

When Steve Johnson, a forensic scientist, discovers human remains in an isolated lake near Daphne’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, he unwittingly puts himself in danger.

He begins to suspect the beautiful widow is not as innocent as she seems. Will he become her next victim?


All four novels: Strength of an Eagle,  Half-Truths,Total Lies, Alone and Widow’s Luck are available from:

Friesen Press




Barnes & Noble

and all online books sources and e-book sources for e-readers and various notebooks tablets and I-pads etc. [type in Lin Weich in search window]. They should be in bookstores…ask if you don’t see them.

 I am also selling the books from this website. Simply email me and I will get back to you. Each novel is $21.00 plus $5.00 postage in Canada for a total of $26.00. For international postage including the US the postage is $11.00 for a total of $32.00.






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  1. love the vividly described setting on our rugged west coast/ might think twice before joining a kayaking group venture….

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