#36 Wordtrails “Ugly Ducklings”

Posted by on May 4, 2015 in 2012 Blogs | 0 comments

May signals the end of SNIRT season, snow and dirt, and the beginning of the seemingly too short spring and summer here in the northern part of British Columbia.

Spring brings the eternal promise of renewed life with its fawns, chicks, calves and other newborns.

Just yesterday I was watching three ducklings enjoy exploring a freshly turned garden patch. Usually ducklings are cute but these were some kind of hybrid with very short stubby wings and long skinny necks. They resembled those long necked dinosaurs…encased in yellow fluff.

As we watched their clumsy antics, we laughed and relished the warm spring day with its hint of summer. Maybe they will be ugly ducklings that will turn into beautiful swans. You never know.

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