Wordtrails # 17 More Travel Tips

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Here are a few more random travel tips to help speed you on your adventures:

Carry a small album containing a compact map of your home province or state and a few carefully chosen photos that will help you explain what your home country is like. Take along some flag pins or a few children’s books. They make handy gifts for kind hosts and tour guides.

Check out combination passes for museums, tours, sites and activities. Most cities now offer these passes and often they can be a real saving.

Secure or tuck in straps and buckles on any checked luggage. These items can get caught in baggage conveyor belts, causing damage to your cases.

Review the map before you set out for the day. Mark needed locations and routes with a highlighter pen.

Check out the locations of venues, theatres, shows etc.  in the daytime so you are not stressed trying to find them in the dark.

Above all, forget fashion and be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Remember that happy feet make for a happy day.

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