Wordtrails #16 Travel Right… tips for easier and pleasant trips

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Travel right. Here are some suggestions to make your journey easier and more pleasant.

Test all new equipment at home and make sure you have the correct accessories, chargers, adapters and batteries.

Purchase additional memory cards for your camera and then record your journey in stages. This helps prevent the frustration of sorting through 550+ photos each time you want to edit or view your memories.

Use a mechanical pencil for note taking and journaling. They require no sharpening. Ballpoint pens can leak in your purse or backpack.

When flying, save money by recycling your audio headsets from one flight to another. You should also carry small bills and some change in your pocket for in-flight treats. However, some airlines now have cash-less cabins so be sure to have a credit card handy.

Pack antibacterial wipes to quickly clean WC taps and handles or those trays and armrests on the plane. Soothing baby wipes can come in handy before a picnic lunch and for refreshing yourself on a hot day or during a long flight.

Don’t leave home without a supply of zip-lock bags and Band-Aids. Earplugs are really useful to block out a snoring companion or street noise at night.

Mini sudoko or crossword puzzle books can occupy you while you wait for the next plane or train. If you carry a pack of cards, you can play by yourself or better yet invite someone to enjoy a game with you.

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