Wordtrails #15 More security hints

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These tips were gleaned from fellow travellers and from experience. On this particular trip we were two women travelling alone, so the first tip reflects a safety message for others in similiar situations.

Dress and act in a low profile manner. Leave flashy clothes at home. Plain neat clothing will not attract attention. Wear little or no jewellery and a small inexpensive watch. Talk quietly and avoid looking like a “lost” tourist.

Other more general safety tips include:

Help yourself to a hotel business card when you leave your accommodation for the day. Even if you don’t speak the language, most people and taxi drivers would be able to read the address and could point you in the direction of your hotel. Emergency personnel would be able to contact the hotel for information if necessary.

Photocopy your credit cards, debit card and passport. Hide the copies in your suitcase and in your home freezer. You could also scan them into your home computer. The numbers would be accessible if you were to lose the originals.

Carry your passport with you. It is good proof of age for discount admissions to sites; needed if security checked by police; and often needed before you can use a computer in an Internet café.

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