Lin Weich

 #38 Save the Changes

Do We Want to Save the Changes?

An acquaintance of mine once said, “At the end of the day life should ask us – Do we want to save the changes?”

In other words, have you made a difference, chosen wisely, made forward progress? Have you lived a day worth saving?
Unlike our efforts on the computer, we can’t delete, backspace or edit our lives. You can’t delete unkind words, go back for a do over or edit what has already happened.

Each day starts with a clean screen, hopes, dreams and possibilities. It’s time to start saving those changes.

Books by Lin

Alone Novel Front Cover


This novel is quite psychological and needed a lot of research into the effects of trauma, isolation and self-sufficiency. It was challenging to write and remains one of my favourites.

Strength of an Eagle Novel Cover

Strength of an Eagle

Strength of an Eagle was the first suspense novel that I created. Many of my readers are enthralled by the grit and determinations of the principal character, Maya.

Half Truths Total Lies novel cover

Half-Truths Total Lies

I was fortunate enough to spend more than thirty years teaching in rural schools. Many people are drawn to the peace, quiet and anonymity afforded by rural areas.

Widow's Luck Novel Cover

Widow’s Luck

Different environments with horrific scams that people get caught up in and a desperation for money, and you have the seeds for this suspense thriller!

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