Ups and Downs /Yin and Yang Wordtrails #34

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Ups and Downs / Yin and Yang


For most authors reviews are hard to come by and feedback is rare. Friends sometimes tell you what you want to hear and few readers take the time to send a review to Amazon or other sites.

In the space of a week I was lucky and received a phone call (positive), email (very positive and encouraging), a rejection from a website where I had hoped to list my last novel (very disappointing), and an in person comment (very nice).

Sales are like that as well. That same week I reviewed my sales for August. I had limited success in a gallery in Wells, good sales in Quesnel stores, excellent sales in my New Brunswick outlet and reasonable success in the local farmers’ markets. Sales from online sources are not reported until much later.

So it is yin and yang. What to do? What to think? What to feel? I guess the secret is to believe in oneself and start the next novel.

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