Inspirations and Ideas Wordtrails #33

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Inspirations and Ideas

One question that is frequently asked of authors is “What inspired you to write this book?”

While there are many types of writers from those that have always felt the need to write to those, like myself, who are accidental writers, all writers are inspired by some –thing, event or memory. As you pose the question watch as the author drifts off slightly to recapture just what was the trigger for this particular novel. Sifting through wisps of memories, they smile as they recall the moment or the seed that started it all.

For Strength of an Eagle it was a sign on the “Highway of Tears” preaching to vulnerable young girls that it was dangerous to hitchhike because there was a killer on the loose.

Half Truths, Total Lies was inspired by many incidents and stories collected by both myself and my sister as we taught in various rural schools.

Alone had its beginnings in an old sea story told to me while we were kayaking off the west coast of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.

Fiction authors capture an idea; add other ideas; embroider snippets of truth; weave two or three threads together and hopefully come up with an entertaining story.

I am curious as to what inspires other authors or potential authors. Please share your thoughts.

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