Surviving an On Camera Interview Wordtrail #32

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Surviving an On Camera Interview

I am both relieved and slightly dismayed having just finished watching my on camera interview for Shaw Cable Vision which aired on June 20/ 2014.   Interview

Some of the things that concerned me were that I need to look at the camera more and that I speak with my hands a lot!

In light of that interview, I’d like to offer some practical hints for those who are faced with their first on camera interview.

  1. Know your material well.
  2. Rehearse but do not memorize answers to questions that might be posed.
  3. Preview those questions if they are available. Of course, this won’t work if the interviewer has an off-the-cuff or freewheeling style.
  4. Dress plainly…no prints or excessive jewelry as these tend to detract from your face.
  5. Ladies wear some make up. Too much make up will give you a hard appearance but too little will wash you out.
  6. Breathe and talk at a moderate pace when on camera.
  7. Hold on to something (like your book) to prevent excessive hand gestures and twisting rings and bracelets.
  8. Smile and be yourself.

Thanks to John McKenzie of Shaw Cable Vision for doing such a good job of editing out most of my mistakes.

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