Wordtrails #23 Challenging way to Find Money

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If you are brave, try this way to find money in your budget.

A challenging but efficient method is to make a cut off point every month in your financial budget, preferably just before a pay period.  You have to be organised and well planned but the leftovers from your monthly budget can be funneled from your chequeing account into your FOUND MONEY account. Then when you get paid begin your monthly budget again. This really adds up as you find yourself evaluating the necessity of individual purchases so that you can have money leftover to transfer.  It is a win win situation.

Throughout the years that I have used this system, I have purchased things as inexpensive as a milkshake and as costly as a kayak.  What would you like?  The possibilities are endless: exotic trips, dinner out, a spa day, diamond earrings, a manicure, a new tool for your hobby, sexy shoes, fishing rod, fruit trees for the garden…whatever takes your fancy.

To accumulate FOUND MONEY takes discipline. It takes a thick skin to ignore the laughter of your friends when you explain your system of finding money.  Perhaps they are just a bit jealous of your growing fund. Finding money can be challenging, fun and even a little addictive.

The demands for your money are endless.  By trying a few of these suggestions you may surprise yourself and find the money for the little pleasures.  Then like a squirrel, spend it freely and without guilt on something that will bring fun and joy to your life.

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