Wordtrails #22 More tips to help you find money

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Add these to your ways to find money in that tight budget of yours.

Recycle! Gone are the days when depots only took pop cans.  Now you can recycle almost any type of beverage container. Save the planet and save the refund.

Did you loan money to someone?  When they pay you back save the FOUND MONEY.

While I am not a big fan of buying lottery tickets, some people enjoy this past time. Split your winnings and put some towards buying more tickets and some into your FOUND MONEY account.

To lessen stress and confusion in our lives we often need to declutter our homes.   Hold a garage sale or advertise in a buy and sell magazine the items that you no longer use and probably will never miss.  Hmmm…Where should that money go?  What fun could that money bring when added to the rest of your fund?

Interest on any savings or money market accounts can be diverted to your FOUND MONEY account.  Online banking has made it so much easier to move money from one account to another.  Telephone banking is another way to move money without having to go into your local bank.

A very effective way to increase your fund is to put yourself on a weekly cash allowance   for miscellaneous spending such as gasoline, magazines and coffee.  Try not to spend all of your cash. At the end of the week put the leftover cash into FOUND MONEY account.

Next week- one more tip that really works if you have discipline!

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