Wordtrails #21 Ways to Find Money

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As promised in my last blog, here are some easy ways to squeeze that budget.

Save refunds such as income tax refunds from putting aside money for RSPS or RESPS. If you have a clause in your mortgage agreement that allows you to pay a lump sum, you can use your refund to reduce the principal on your mortgage. Most financial advisors tell you to reinvest your refund.  True, but do ants have much fun?  Invest in yourself and live a little.

If you are fortunate enough to have an extended health plan for medical, dental and drug costs, you can accumulate the rebates.  Remember one of the principles of FOUND MONEY is that you have already spent the money so now you can find it.

Try not to spend loonies and twonies. These coins are heavy and weigh down your pockets and your purse. Why not save them in a jar instead?  Then put them into your FOUND MONEY account while dreaming of that new sweater or even a vacation in Hawaii.

Pay as much of your casual purchases as you can with bills instead of coin. Save and roll your loose change.  Roll the coins frequently and promise yourself you will never break a roll.  Take those rolls of coin to the bank.

Next week…more tips

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