Wordtrails #20 The Art of Finding Money

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Are you frustrated by the limited funds at your disposal? Are you sick and tired of just paying the bills and not having any money left over to spend on FUN? In a series of blogs I will let you in on the secret of what I call Found Money.

It is important to understand the three basic types of money managers before we embark on our treasure hunt.

People usually fall into one of three categories:

Grasshoppers (spenders) with have no real thought for the future.  These grasshoppers are often in debt and jumping from paycheque to paycheque.  Their credit is toast and disaster is just a jump away.

Ants (savers) are those who bypass the now of life for a comfortable retirement. Ants are the martyrs of the money world.  They take very little pleasure in daily life. Hopefully, they have a long and healthy retirement to enjoy all that hoarded money.

The third type is a cheeky squirrel.  These are the middle of the road managers who are cautious spenders, with an eye to future needs.  Squirrels certainly seem to enjoy scampering, chasing and chattering while they gather nuts for the cold winter.

Shouldn’t we copy that gleeful squirrel and have fun while we collect our nuts?

FOUND MONEY puts the enjoyment back into even the tightest budget.  You don’t really need ice cream on your slice of apple pie or marshmallows in that delicious hot chocolate but they do make life sweeter.  FOUND MONEY is a wonderful way to treat yourself to extras.  Simply open up a special account for this FOUND MONEY and start looking for ways to find those little bits of cash.  You can choose a savings account in a bank, an investment account such as a money market fund, a simple a box you keep hidden at home or even a hole in a tree!  It doesn’t matter. While accounts can earn you interest, it is important to have easy access to your FOUND MONEY so that you can spend it. Don’t lock it into a plan that requires you wait until the term is up.  FOUND MONEY is for when you need a lift.

The secret of FOUND MONEY is to realise that any money that can be used again or comes back to you can be saved.

Next week I will give you tips on where to find this money.

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