Wordtrails #9 Security is a Big Issue For Most Travellers.

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We all know about and either resent or appreciate the heavy security that  surrounds air travel, but general security when travelling is a big issue for many indivduals. Over the next few weeks I will offer some practical and common sense suggestions that could go a long way to easing your security concerns.

Consider these ideas:

Fasten twist ties through the zipper pulls to secure your suitcases. These take a while to unfasten. A thief would be deterred and might look for easier prey.

Use a small combination lock on your daypack. Secure the compartment where you keep your valuables. Combination locks are easier to open than trying to fit those tiny keys into those miniscule padlocks.

Use a series of stick on labels on your luggage tags for each leg of your journey. If your bags go astray they can be forwarded to your next destination rather than to your home address.

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