Wordtrails #7 My books are published!

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My suspense/thriller books, Strength of an Eagle and Half-Truths, Total Lies, are finally available for purchase. Many thanks to my advisor Lynn Wohlgemuth at Friesen Press for her patience and guidance through this process. The journey has been long and a bit frustrating at times but it was worthwhile. I am very pleased with the end results and have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the internet, publishing industry and websites. Now on to marketing, book launches and writing my next novel. Check out the rest of the site and the pages featuring my books.


  1. Hi Lin, I wanted you to know that I enjoyed both books. I was a bit disappointed in the ending of Half Truths. You had me convinced that I really wanted to see that SOB Robert pay for his sins and so I REALLY wanted to see him suffer.[spoiler alert…section removed]Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to the next one. . . . A sequel to the newly formed duo of Hunter and Maya perhaps?

    Cheers Jim T.

    • Thanks Jim. Glad you enjoyed the books. I’m afraid the next three? are going to have be independent of each other as well. Just a bit more learning on the marketing strand and then I’m going to start Alone. Thanks again.

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