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I recently retired from teaching and live in Quesnel, British Columbia. My journey through life has taken me from England to Africa and throughout Canada. I received my Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria and have taught in various urban and rural schools in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

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February 15, 2016 |

Wordtrails #42 Character Development in Novels

Character Development in Your Novel How do we really get to know or identify with characters in a story? How you...

January 18, 2016 |

Wordtrails #41 The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game “Life is short.” This phrase is bouncing around in my mind lately. We like most people, are...

January 12, 2016 |

Wordtrails #40 A Source of Worthwhile Blogs for All Writers

Once in a while a really worthwhile website reveals itself in that fog called the internet. I have found several...

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